1. How to calculate percentages?

This is an easy thing to do but at times, it could be complicated. There’s a simple formula for this, with several variations available. We have questions like:

What is X percent of Y?


What percent of X is Y?


What is X if Z% of it is Y?

x = (z/100) * y

To make the process easier, we have percentage calculators for you to use.

2. How do I know my hourly income?

We would treat this question assuming you get paid monthly:

  1. We calculate the hourly pay by dividing the monthly salary over hours per working days times number of working days per month.
  2. Your daily pay is calculated by multiplying your houly pay by hours per working days.
  3. Pay per minutes is hourly pay divided by 60.
  4. Yealy pay is equaly to monthly pay times 12 (months in a year).

It is simple to calculate, we hope you have learned a thing, you can also know what your new income is after your raise or the percentage increase in your income by clicking here.

3. How do I calculate 30 percent off my purchase?

Percent-off or percent discount mean the same thing. First, you find the original price, then you divide this by 100 and lastly, multiply by 30 (the percentage) for you to find how much you are not paying for, or how much you have off.

Have you tried using a discount calculator to make the process easier?

4. What is the difference between percent change and percent difference?

Percentage difference is often confused with percentage change, they are similar but not the same. Percentage difference is usually calculated when you want to know the difference in percentage between two numbers.

It is used to compare values that mean the same thing, e.g. population, height, salaries.

You use it for calculating the difference in the customers you had in your store between last year and this year or even the difference in your country’s population.

Percentage change is used to relatively calculate the difference between an old number and a new one. If you would like to check our percentage change calculator, click here.

5. Is there a better way to easily figure out a tip?

Yes, there is, Tip Calculators.

Tip calculators are a much faster and comfortable alternative that doesn’t suggest you try out a formula, a trick, or that you do the math yourself. A tip calc saves you all of that stress and gives you the confidence every time you decide to leave a tip for exceptional service rendered.

6. How can I calculate my grades?

The answer to this varies, there is the simple calculation for cases where you want to know what 40 out of 70 means in percentage. There are also calculations where each course is weighted and you have to put several things into consideration.

The first case can be resolved using percentages, X marks out of Y total marks = Z%

Z= (x/y) * 100

7. What is the formula for percentage increase and decrease?

Percentage increase and decrease have an almost equal formula. We would give you the two but for more information, check our page on Percentage Change.

Percentage Increase:

Percentage increase = ((New value - Old value)/ |Old value|) * 100

Percentage Decrease:

Percentage decrease = ((Old value - New value)/ |Old value|) * 100