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We make countless comparisons daily, how expensive is that person’s shirt compared with mine? How well did your favorite soccer team perform this season compared to the last? By how much did your pay go up in the last year? We make these comparisons daily and to make it easier we made this online percent change calculator.​

Change they say is the only constant thing and knowing how much of it occurs per time is quite rewarding. The percent​ change calculator lets you know what that percent change is letting you make informed decisions.

Percentage Increase Calculator

This percentage increase calculator helps you calculate the percentage increase from what it previously was, to a new value. So if you notice a hike in movie ticket prices, an increase in the size of your favorite soda bottle or even a positive change in your grades, this percentage increase calculator makes it easy and fast to figure out the percentage of increase.

Just like a proficient rate​ of change calculator, the focus is on what sort of change you are interested in. The percent​ increase calculator gives only accurate answers every time it is used thanks to an efficient algorithm. So you can be sure your results are error-free.

Just enter the lower value in the first box and the higher value in the second box and then the calculator does the work.

Here’s our formula:

Percentage Decrease Calculator

A decrease can be a good thing at times, you could want that new phone, but you can’t afford it. Luckily for you, there’s this Black Friday sale, you are able to afford it due to a decrease in price. What’s the value of the decrease in percentage? A percentage decrease calculator will help in figuring that out.

Have you been working out for your summer body and you would like to calculate the decrease in your weight? This calculator makes it easier to know.

Enter the higher value in the first textbox and the smaller value into the second textbox. Click the calculate button and you would have your results.

Here’s how we calculate the percentage decrease:

Use these calculators to figure out the percentage increase/decrease in whatever you would like to calculate. It is not just helpful for accurate answers, but it also saves you a lot of time that you could spend on other things, and it eliminates stress by being efficient, easy to use, effective, and it is absolutely free to use.

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