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It is a good thing to know your net income from a job. It helps budget bills around the house, filling out credit forms and even a personal treat, because after all, it is well earned after working hours. Calculating how much exactly is going into your pocket after taxes can be a lot of ones and zeroes to sort through.

MyPercentCalculator is a great online tool that helps sort through the maths and provides accurate figures every time. You won’t be blindsided by finding yourself coming short on a couple of dollars or cents.

Our Salary Calculator helps you to figure out the extent of change in your salary. It calculates the hourly, daily, and even the pay per minute of your salary. It makes things easier for you and you wouldn’t need to get a calculator, a sheet of paper, and a pen to tackle the digits. It saves your time and we guarantee an accurate result every time.

Paycheck Calculator

Our Paycheck Calculator helps you calculate your new salary after an increase or a decrese. It calculates the amount you would have after your increment or decrement.

Just put in your current salary and the percentage of increase/decrease, and there you would have the value of your new salary after increment/decrement.

This is how we calculate your new salary:

New salary = Current salary + (Current salary * Percent change)

My Pay

My Pay conveniently helps to calculate the percentage increase in your income, so you can know how better you are with your new income. It provides you with a percentage of how much change your pay has experienced.

Percentage of change in my pay = ((New salary - Current salary) / Current salary) * 100

Salary to Hourly

This online Salary to Hourly calculator will translate your monthly salary into its per minute, hourly, daily, and yearly equivalents.

Once you input how much you make a month, your daily work hours, and the number of days you get to work in a month, you could simply use this Salary to Hourly calculator to convert your salary to figure out how much you make every hour!

How do we calculate the monthly salary to its minute, hourly, daily, and yearly equivalents?

  1. We calculate the hourly pay by dividing the monthly salary over hours per working days times number of working days per month.
  2. Your daily pay is calculated by multiplying your houly pay by hours per working days.
  3. Pay per minutes is hourly pay divided by 60.
  4. Yearly pay is equal to monthly pay times 12 (months in a year).

It is a simple hourly wage calculator.

Future Salary Calculator

An increase in pay means one thing: More money! Which we all love. Salary increments boost our base salary, and they are typically paid at the end of each year.

So if you previously earned $40,000 per year, you could receive an annual salary increase of $4,000. Our Future Salary Calculator helps you figure out how much of an increase you would be earning by calculating what your current salary is, how much of an improvement you will be getting in your annual income and how much you would be receiving in your nth year of service.

Your future salary = Your current salary * (1 + Percent increase per year).

The process repeats for each year, if you input six years, it repeats six times. Our Future Salary Calculator shows the total amount after an increase each year.

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